Women in Defense of Hampton Roads, Board of Directors Member, 2018 

Red Hawk Strategic Solutions helps businesses save time and money.

I am a business growth strategist whose passion is to help businesses and individuals optimize their strategic advantage. We specialize in providing a fresh look to identify your company's differentiators and next steps. 
Under my leadership, we deliver custom strategic solutions to improve customer and patient experience.

Happier Customers = Increased Referrals = Increased Profitability.

Not sure if you need a strategist?
Ask yourself these 7 questions:

  1. Where is your business plan? Was it last used when presenting to a bank to secure capital?

  2. Are your sales and/or new customer growth flat?

  3. Are you HOPING next year's sales will be better?

  4. Do you use customer retention and engagement TACTICS?
  5. Can you say out loud your next steps for TARGETED GROWTH?
  6. Do you set annual company GOALS to propel your company forward?
  7. Has your business adapted to the changing landscape? Is it time to re-invent your niche?

Regardless of the size of your business, we welcome your call to 757-477-5691 or email to redhawkstrategicsolutions@gmail.com for a free initial consultation. 

NOW is the perfect time to have a STRATEGIC discussion and plan how to move your company's business to its potential.

Remember... HOPE is not a strategy.  

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Red Hawk Strategic Solutions LLC is a small, woman-owned business. You will find us in the Small, Women and Minority Owned (SWAM) business directory certificate# 721609.​​